Helping Children Through Divorce

Helping Children Through Divorce

  • How Do You Set up Parenting Orders in Australia?

    Separated parents have the option to set up a parenting order, which is a legal document that outlines the responsibilities and arrangements for the care and welfare of their children. But how do you go about setting up parenting orders?  Seek Legal Advice The first step in setting up a parenting order is to seek legal advice. It is important to obtain advice from a qualified family lawyer who is experienced in family law and understands the unique circumstances of your situation.

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Helping Children Through Divorce

Divorce is never an easy time for an adult, but it is doubly confusing to a child. Unfortunately, my marriage did not last forever, but I am turning that negative into a positive for others. I want to fill my blog with uplifting tips to help children through this difficult change in their lives. I will include topics such as custodial visits, getting along with both parents, and learning how to live in two households. Divorce does not have to be a negative, scary issue for your children. Teach them how to embrace this change and get on with their lives without fear or anxiety.