Helping Children Through Divorce

Helping Children Through Divorce

How Family Law Is Different To Other Areas Of Law And Why That Means You Need A Specific Type Of Lawyer

Roberto Sutton

From the outside looking in, law can look like a very similar type of profession no matter which area you specialise in. From commercial to criminal law, they all wear funny wigs and work in a courtroom. The answer is much more complex than this, and no field of law better showcases the many differences between branches of the legal profession than family law. If you are going through a divorce and trying to organise custody of children, splitting up of the assets and all the paperwork that goes with it, then you need a family lawyer, and here are three reasons why. 

Out-Of-Court Mediation

One major difference between family law and many other types of law is that often the final settlement is determined not in a courtroom but in an agreed-upon mediation. That means an unbiased third party will hear both of your arguments and then help get to a fair standing where both parties walk away as happy as possible. This is often more like a discussion rather than a court case, and keeping these personal matters outside of a judge's ruling is always the best course of action if possible. 

The Child Comes First

Unlike in many other areas of law where the client is the first and foremost priority, in family law, if children are involved, they become the family lawyer's main focus. Having a lawyer on your side that understands how complicated legal matters can be and who will try to shield you from the brunt of it during an emotionally turbulent time is a real blessing. Nowhere is this more obviously seen then by how your family lawyer will make sure that you and your children are feeling happy, safe and heard during this whole process. If something is bothering you or you have any nagging doubts, you can trust a family lawyer to be there to believe you and fight for you.

Keep It As Clean As Possible

Sometimes the legal profession can get pretty ugly, especially when it goes to trial and dirty laundry is aired in front of a judge and jury. A family lawyer will try to avoid this scenario at all costs and to keep your private business as private as possible. Family law is a lot more personal than many other facets of law like commercial or criminal, and the practitioners who go into it do so mostly because they genuinely care for struggling families. Having a family lawyer during your divorce can be the difference between a long, drawn-out process and a quick break that sees all of the legwork done in a few weeks. 


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Helping Children Through Divorce

Divorce is never an easy time for an adult, but it is doubly confusing to a child. Unfortunately, my marriage did not last forever, but I am turning that negative into a positive for others. I want to fill my blog with uplifting tips to help children through this difficult change in their lives. I will include topics such as custodial visits, getting along with both parents, and learning how to live in two households. Divorce does not have to be a negative, scary issue for your children. Teach them how to embrace this change and get on with their lives without fear or anxiety.