Helping Children Through Divorce

Helping Children Through Divorce

Cases You Should Take Under Juvenile Law

Roberto Sutton

Family law is an essential section of the legal field. It covers family and personal matters, helping to safeguard families because they are the essence of all societies. Broken families often transcend into societies that struggle with several things, including high rates of crime and poverty. Gladly, family law can help streamline your community by having the interests of families at heart. It does this through various sub-sections of family law. One of them is juvenile law. Primarily, juvenile law addresses the legal needs and rights of persons who are yet to attain an age where you can consider them as adults. Here are some areas covered under juvenile law:


Usually, people who are yet to reach adulthood are considered minors. Minors often have special considerations under the law because they are deemed incapable of acting on their own volition. Secondly, it is easy for an adult to manipulate a minor into doing something because a minor does not understand the consequences of the acts.

Take the case of abduction into consideration. It happens when someone takes a minor away through fraud, force or persuasion. Juvenile law takes abduction seriously because children fall prey to manipulation and fraud very easily. Any form of unwarranted and forceful confinement of a minor falls under abduction, even when carried out by the minor's parent.


People can take advantage of minors for monetary gain. It is common to find cases where children have been forced or lured to enter contractual obligations that should otherwise be done by an adult. This brings up the elements of capacity under juvenile law. Briefly, capacity refers to the ability of a person to satisfy certain aspects required of a person who can enter into a contractual obligation. If your child falls victim to trickery and enters into a contract, do not admit any liability arising from that contract. He or she does not have the soundness of mind required to enter into contracts. You should feel free to pick up the matter in a court of law.


Courts always protect children by making sure that parents contribute to the child's upkeep regardless of the marriage falling apart. Unfortunately, some of the people tasked with offering the custodial support to the child don't honour their obligations. If you find yourself in such a scenario, then you can sue the perpetrator for arrearages in a juvenile court. The amount accrues as a debt from the first time the non-custodial parent failed to make the required payment.


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Helping Children Through Divorce

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