Helping Children Through Divorce

Helping Children Through Divorce

  • Can You Live Under the Same Roof and Still Apply for a Divorce?

    Unfortunately, many marriages across Australia end in divorce, which can often be due to a variety of factors. Sometimes, it will involve a gradual deterioration, but without any animosity and in this case, both parties may simply decide that their long-term future is untenable. In this case, they may choose to file for a divorce but continue to live under the same roof as this may be the best option in the circumstances.

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Helping Children Through Divorce

Divorce is never an easy time for an adult, but it is doubly confusing to a child. Unfortunately, my marriage did not last forever, but I am turning that negative into a positive for others. I want to fill my blog with uplifting tips to help children through this difficult change in their lives. I will include topics such as custodial visits, getting along with both parents, and learning how to live in two households. Divorce does not have to be a negative, scary issue for your children. Teach them how to embrace this change and get on with their lives without fear or anxiety.