Helping Children Through Divorce

Helping Children Through Divorce

How To Protect Your Child When Getting Divorced

Roberto Sutton

Getting divorced is difficult for everyone involved, and it's natural to worry about how it will affect your child. However, by following the tips below, you can protect your child from as much emotional distress as possible.

Explain Things In A Kid-Friendly Way

Explaining your divorce to children can be difficult, especially if they are young. Today's Parent explains that you should focus on the practicalities with very young kids and should expect to have several shorter conversations. With all children, you should emphasise that the divorce is your choice and has nothing to do with them, and you should make sure you explain where they will live, who will look after them and what will happen. You should also avoid laying blame on your child's other parent; they don't need to hear the reasons, and they'll draw their own conclusions when they're older. Answer their questions honestly and respectfully, and try not to use words they don't understand.

Create A Reliable Routine

As most people know, routines are very important to help children feel safe and secure. When you get divorced, you should try to keep up some kind of routine. Your child needs to know which house they will be at every day, how much time they'll spend with each parent and what will happen – and you should try hard to stick to this routine. iMom suggests that you try to avoid any other big changes in their life if possible, as being able to stay at the same school and in the same extracurricular clubs will help during this difficult time.

Hire A Good Family Lawyer

You might not think you need to hire a family lawyer, but it's always a good idea to do so if you can. As Working Mother describes, a good family lawyer can help you work out a custody situation and child support settlement that suits everyone, as well as how your wealth and property should be divided. Working out the best settlement protects your child from any financial consequences of your divorce and means that serious arguments are a lot less likely. Basically, it'll give you a feeling of security and access to impartial, professional advice. Speak to a range of family lawyers before you decide on any specific one, and feel free to ask them any questions you need. You could also ask friends and family for recommendations.

If you follow the tips below and treat your child with respect and honesty, you will go a long way towards helping them through their divorce. If you need further help, ask your family lawyer or another professional for advice.


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Helping Children Through Divorce

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